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cha|cha 2017 focused on redefining the patient experience at the hospital through a new nurse call system. This new system creates a real-time, integrated, holistic view for each patient team so that children, their families and hospital staff are connected like never before, giving patients the personalized world-class care they deserve and the technology-enabled attention and monitoring they can expect from the region’s leading hospital focused solely on our children.

connect...like never before

The new nurse call system enhances every patient interaction, on every floor, at the hospital.


Robust technology improves the continuous communication between staff, patients and families so that children receive the care they need, but with fewer interruptions, quicker response times and personal touches that make all the difference.

  • Improved alarm status and notifications for Code Blue, patient monitoring and Giraffe® beds.
  • External tablets at each room that share patient-specific safety precautions for staff, family and visitors including isolation status and required precautions, critical airway precautions, central line precautions, latex allergies and fall risk protocols.
  • The tablets also provide patient-specific signage for staff, families and visitors, including patient napping, mother breastfeeding, care coordination to avoid multiple, ongoing interruptions, and messages that matter, like “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”


The new system provides a real-time, 360° view of medical teams assigned to each patient, meaning a professional is always within reach to address the immediate needs of our children and their families.

  • All staff can view from within the patient’s room and/or Nurses’ Station the exact location of all staff within the unit.
  • The nurse can see when a physician is rounding on his/her patients and respond to the patient’s room while he/she is there for improved collaboration.
  • At any time, a member of a patient team can be located and engaged in care, meaning teams work together, with consistency to provide the best patient experience possible.

best practices

Just as critical as the care we provide is our desire to improve. The new nurse call system has tools and tracking built into its smart processes to easily give staff the data they need to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients.

  • New Customer Service reports that track the actual total amount of time staff spends with a specific patient during their length of stay. Dayton Children’s can use these reports at discharge to let families know this information so they can respond appropriately on their surveys.
  • Ability to monitor hand washing. All activity by staff member or hand wash station is recorded into compliance reports. This type of monitoring has shown to improve hand washing and reduce infections.
  • The ability to include asset tracking with the addition of an RFID tag on a piece of equipment. This saves staff time in looking for equipment.

connect...to the future

The new nurse call system not only places Dayton Children’s Hospital among some of the country’s leading children’s hospitals, it also positions the hospital for the future. The technology powering the system is
open architecture, meaning no matter what upgrades, enhancements or improvements are made, the new system will adapt and grow with the times. Dayton Children’s will lead today and stay a leader.

connect...to the community

As a business leader in Dayton, we know your role in the community matters to you. We hope you will partner with us and other leaders who want to solidify Dayton Children’s place in our region as the first choice for children’s health.

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